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Aristodimou, Feocharis

Phileleftheros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 29/06/2010

Egocentric Cypriots refuse to do military service

A growing number of Cypriots are refusing to do their compulsory military service. The left-liberal daily Phileleftheros is appalled and blames parents for the problem: "It hurts to hear that such a great percentage of youths in our half-occupied homeland are refusing to do service with the National Guard. To think that the young men are the descendants of many generations of young people for whom it was a special honour not only to take up the 'sacred arms' but also not to disgrace themselves and if need be sacrifice themselves for their country. ... It hurts even more to know that these youths are inventing all kinds of excuses nowadays ... to avoid military service. ... We, the grown-ups of society, have taught our children this egocentric behaviour, and now we should be ashamed of ourselves."

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