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Aretaki, Myrto

Thepressproject, Greece

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The Press Project - Greece | 14/02/2015

Athens wants to end refugee suffering

Greece's government wants to close down the Amygdaleza refugee camp in Athens. A Pakistani inmate reportedly committed suicide there last week and an Afghan refugee died of HIV. The alternative web portal The Press Project praises the decision and describes the conditions at the camp: "The director said that there had been no doctors or medicine at Amygdaleza in the last two months, even though 1,000 people are detained there. ... To leave an HIV patient in such an unhealthy environment is at the very least criminal negligence. ... Thousands of people live in these camps in deplorable conditions, squeezed together in small spaces, undernourished, without medicine or medical staff and without the possibility to go outside. And all that just because they have no documents. This situation is a crime that weighs on all of us."

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