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Šarac, Damir

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Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 13/05/2015

Croatia won't investigate secret service murders

Two ex-agents of the Yugoslav secret service have been on trial at a court in Munich on charges of murder committed in the 1980s since last year. In Croatia, witnesses in the trial are being put under intense pressure yet no one in the country is taking any notice, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija criticises: "The car of witness R. L. went up in flames a few days before he was due to testify in court. Another witness who claims to have decisive evidence was picked up by German security officers in Croatia and transferred to a 'safe house' in Germany. No one is reporting on this in Croatia. As much as we like to pretend that we've left those times behind us and claim that the 'old powers' no longer have any influence, these incidents demonstrate that that's simply not true. We're still a long way from true democracy, pluralism, an independent judiciary and a reliable security apparatus."

Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 02/01/2014

Yugoslav secret police still controls Croatia

The Croatian ex-secret service agent Josip Perković was arrested in Zagreb on Wednesday after the new laws on European arrest warrants came into effect. He is accused by Germany of having commissioned the murder of a Croat emigrant in 1983. Despite this concession to the EU, nothing has changed structurally in Croatia, the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija comments: "To condemn Perković would be to condemn the entire old system. Former members of the old security services who still occupy posts in all the relevant state structures are now trying to polish up the image of that old system in today's democracy. ... The sentencing could help Croatia to stop looking to the past and turn its eyes to the future. If only with words at first, because the old network still extends right across the country's politics, economy, education system and intelligence services. The UDBA [communist secret police] continues to determine our fate."

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