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Ara-Kovács, Attila

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1.  Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 30/05/2014

Attila Ara-Kovács on how the Hungarians are fleeing a land without hope

Disillusionment with the policies of Victor Orbán's government is leading to a wave of mass emigration the likes of which Hungary didn't even experience after ... » more

2.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 28/10/2013

Hungary inciting autonomy protests in Romania

Last Sunday members of the Hungarian minority in Romania organised a protest march to draw attention to their calls for territorial autonomy for the Székely ... » more

3.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 06/05/2013

Orbán's dishonest rejection of anti-Semitism

In his speech at the opening of the Jewish World Congress in Budapest on Saturday evening, Hungary's right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán distanced himself ... » more

4.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 04/04/2013

Western politicians avoid Orbán

Articles critical of Hungary's conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán have appeared in many European newspapers in recent weeks. Owing to his democratically questionable policies Western ... » more

5.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 21/01/2013

Left has nothing to counter Netanyahu with

The political Left in Israel is too weak and too fragmented to pose a real threat to the Right and Prime Minister Netanyahu, journalist Attila ... » more

6.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 26/11/2012

Sarkozy's comeback pre-programmed

In France the conservative opposition party the UMP elected Jean-François Copé as its new leader last Tuesday. In the online edition of the left-liberal weekly ... » more

7.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 24/07/2012

Băsescu has good chances of staying in office

The Romanians will decide in a referendum on Sunday whether Traian Băsescu is to remain head of state. On his blog with the online edition ... » more

8.  Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 09/07/2012

Băsescu's impeachment a welcome step

The impeachment proceeedings against Romanian President Traian Băsescu have met with some severe criticism in Romania and abroad. The publicist Attila Ara Kovács shows sympathy ... » more

9.  hvg - Hungary | 18/07/2011

Gazprom wants to control Europe

Analysts in Greece are assuming that the Russian energy company Gazprom has the best chance of winning the bid to buy the Greek gas group ... » more


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