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Appelfeld, Aharon

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La Repubblica - Italy | 27/01/2014

For Aharon Appelfeld, a new era of Auschwitz remembrance is dawning

Auschwitz was liberated on January 27, 1945. Particularly in the area of literature, the commemoration of the concentration camp's horrors is undergoing a transformation with the advent of a new generation, writes Israeli author Aharon Appelfeld, born in 1932, in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Sixty-nine years have passed. It seems to me that a new phase in our relationship to the Holocaust is beginning. ... As long as survivors still lived among us, the Holocaust was a concrete presence. It had a name, a surname, a city, a village. ... Today a new type of survivor has emerged: all those who were children when the war broke out; their remembrance is of a different nature. Over the years they have given it artistic expression . ... A form of simple, direct reference, no longer conveyed through experience, was necessary to speak about it on an artistic level. No sublimation, no apologies and no glorification, just the form that is available to any individual for talking about the events of their life which, as terrible as they may be, are nonetheless part of life."

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