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Apostolova, Dessislava

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 01/03/2011

Guttenberg's resignation laughable

Germany's minister of defence Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg announced on Tuesday that he was resigning from office, in response to the plagiarism affair over his doctorate. Bearing in mind the political reality in Bulgaria his resignation seems laughable, writes Dessislaava Apostolova in the daily Novinar: "To put it mildly, the resignation and the whole scandal strikes us Bulgarians as ridiculous. And I say that with a large dose of self-pity. Because we are so accustomed to the unabashed, crude and cowardly behaviour of our politicians that it strikes us as derisive, not to say demented, when a minister resigns just because he copied his doctorate. Values, political culture and morals have become entirely alien not only to our politicians, but also to us as voters and to society as a whole. Unfortunately. If zu Guttenberg had been a Bulgarian minister the prime minister would have slapped him on the back and the whole thing would have been forgotten."

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