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Apel-Muller, Patrick

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L'Humanité - France | 18/08/2015

Corbyn will lead Labour from its impasse

The more than 600,000 members of the British Labour Party will vote on a new leader by the start of September. The MP Jeremy Corbyn, who rejects rigorous austerity and sympathises with the Spanish party Podemos, stands a good chance of succeeding Ed Miliband. His popularity confirms that many Labour supporters are looking for an alternative to liberalism, the communist daily L'Humanité writes: "The spectacular success of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership race shows England's other face - that of the impoverished lower classes and a youth condemned to insecurity. ... The apparatus that controls Labour has been seized by panic in view of the fresh wind that is sweeping away its liberal conformism. The day of reckoning has now come, and the disciples of finance are looking old. The long path taken by Margaret Thatcher that the young social-democratic carnivores have followed has turned out to be a dead end."

L'Humanité - France | 19/06/2015

Creditors solely to blame for Greeks' misery

The euro finance ministers failed to reach a compromise with Athens on Thursday evening. A meeting of the Eurozone heads of state and government on Monday will now seek a solution. The creditors have landed Greece in this situation, the communist daily L'Humanité fumes: "The IMF, the European Central Bank and the Euro Group have increased the deficit, impoverished the economy and devastated an entire nation. Today they are dancing a ballet of discord in which one wants to maintain all debts, another to slash pensions and the third is calling for widespread privatisation. This discord then converges in a harmonious refusal to reach an agreement. ... Europe would have everything to lose from a Greek default. It wouldn't just affect the euro exchange rate, but the very ability to live together in dignity and democracy."

L'Humanité - France | 30/03/2014

Government must return to leftist values

After the catastrophic municipal elections, France's Socialist government must focus on leftist values if it wants to regain the people's trust, the communist daily L'Humanité believes: "Everything points to the need for a change of direction on the part of the government if it wants to avoid a major political crisis and an unbridgeable gap between our country's leaders and the people. Any artifice, any personnel change without a complete rupture with the austerity policy - in other words, a cabinet reshuffle that changes nothing - will be interpreted as a show of contempt. In that case further raps on the knuckles would follow that imparted in the municipal elections. And the result would wreak havoc on the political landscape of the left. In the coming days, the left must re-express the values of solidarity, equality and justice that government has turned its back on, and which voters expect despite the depths of their deception."

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