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Antoniu, Giannis

newspaper, Phileleftheros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 28/08/2008

The weapon of international law

Cyprus must insist that international law will be observed in the Caucasus conflict, writes Phileleftheros newspaper. "It is true that Russia ... supported us in the Cyprus conflict. It is no accident that the Republic of Cyprus ... sees Moscow as a stable ally, because Moscow's view of the Cyprus problem ... is based on international law. Appealing to international law ... is the strongest weapon we have. For that reason we must be very careful how we interpret the crisis between Russia and Georgia. The Republic of Cyprus will soon ... have to make an official statement on this topic. This position must not vary from the one we have had for years. That means we must unconditionally call for the respect and protection of the territorial sovereignty of states. The position we ... adopted for Kosovo must also apply to Georgia. ... Otherwise we will only undermine our own position."

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