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Antoniou, Kostakis

Simerini, Cyprus

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1.  Simerini - Cyprus | 29/10/2015

Government bonds won't fill Cypriots' stomachs

Cyprus issued a government bond worth a billion euros on Tuesday, making its official return to the markets after its crisis in 2013. But who ... » more

2.  Simerini - Cyprus | 07/10/2015

Cyprus: EU losing leverage against Ankara

According to reports in Turkish media, during his visit to Brussels President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan demanded among other things concessions in the dispute over divided ... » more

3.  Simerini - Cyprus | 27/04/2015

Northern Cypriots a model for Cypriots

After beating the conservative officeholder Derviş Eroğlu in a runoff vote on Sunday, the candidate of the centre-left camp, Mustafa Akıncı, is to become the ... » more

4.  Simerini - Cyprus | 27/10/2014

EU leaves Cyprus on its own with Turkish attack

In the final statement of the EU summit which ended on Friday in Brussels the European Council called on Ankara to respect Cyprus's sovereign rights ... » more

5.  Simerini - Cyprus | 09/07/2014

Cypriot government fleecing the poor

Under pressure from the troika, the Cypriot government is planning tougher action against people who fall behind on their mortgage payments. A new draft law ... » more

6.  Simerini - Cyprus | 23/06/2014

Cypriot government lacks courage to defy troika

Spain's conservative government is planning a tax reform that will benefit low earners despite the substantial public deficit. The Cypriot government should pluck up the ... » more

7.  Simerini - Cyprus | 01/12/2013

Cypriots far deeper in crisis than Ireland

By the end of the year Ireland will be the first country to exit the troika's bailout programme. The Cypriot government has stated repeatedly that ... » more

8.  Simerini - Cyprus | 21/07/2013

Cyprus's president won't talk with occupiers

For the talks with the Turkish Cypriots due to take place in the autumn, Cyprus's President Nikos Anastasiadis last week appointed an intermediary to take ... » more

9.  Simerini - Cyprus | 27/03/2013

Disorderly bankruptcy already a reality

The Cypriot security forces in Cyprus have been put on alert today, Thursday, to avoid any commotion when the banks reopen at midday. The situation ... » more

10.  Simerini - Cyprus | 22/11/2012

Only austerity package can save Cyprus

The negotiations on financial aid for Cyprus from the EU and the IMF are apparently close to conclusion. According to Cypriot government circles there is ... » more


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