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Antoniadi, Katia

Eletherotypia, Greece

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 17/03/2009

Social network of hate

On the social networking site Hatebook, which is based on the Facebook model, users can write about things and people they detest. The daily Eleftherotypia writes: "Your salary is gone before the end of the month, your partner is causing problems and almost every day you have to do overtime at work. The whole day goes wrong and no one is there to listen. Don't panic! Hatebook is here, and its members are waiting to hear you let off steam. … Hatebook is a counter-practice to the popular online social networks and flirts with people's spiteful feelings. … The user creates an album of hate and describes which things he abhors. … Every user profile contains information on the websites he hates, the type of music he doesn't like or the books he wants to tear apart."

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