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Antich, José

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 06/07/2012

Buying state bonds would show solidarity

Mario Monti's No to the purchase of Spanish and Italian bonds is a dangerous stance, the liberal daily La Vanguardia warns after the ECB chief's statements on Thursday: "A good measure but a disappointing speech. This is how the meeting of the European Central Bank could be summed up, which yesterday cut the base interest rate from one percent to a historically low 0.75 percent in a bid to reactivate the economy. … If from a technical point of view these measures are good, why did the market react so aggressively? Basically because in the press conference that followed ECB president Mario Draghi refused to budge regarding the supportive purchase of Spanish and Italian debts. This is nothing new in the ECB's policy, but given the difficult situation in Southern Europe it seems lacking in solidarity and dangerous of Draghi to take a distanced stance regarding the public debt of problem states. … Draghi has caused a considerable increase in the yields and a marked decline in share prices on the increasingly jittery financial markets."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 04/07/2012

Spain can learn from French judiciary

The French police searched the private residence and offices of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday. The raid is part of an investigation into allegations that L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt gave illegal funding to Sarkozy's conservative UMP party in the 2007 election campaign. According to the liberal daily La Vanguardia, Spain should follow the example of the French judiciary: "Whatever the outcome of the pending trial against Sarkozy, it's clear that the judges have been unusually quick to launch proceedings against him considering that it's just a month since he lost the immunity conferred by his presidency. This speaks volumes about the separation of political and judicial powers in France, and we should learn from this. All of us can remember cases in our country that went on for so long that we can no longer remember when they began. Not to mention those that began with a huge media circus only to come to nothing in the end."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 26/01/2012

Acquitted but finished politically

The ex-prime minister of the Spanish region of Valencia, Francisco Camps, who was forced to resign amidst allegations of corruption shortly after his re-election in 2011, was acquitted by a jury on Wednesday. However the embarrassing details that were revealed during the course of the trial will put an end to his political career, the daily La Vanguardia comments: "The acquittal came after 26 long days of trial in which the testimonies of a succession of witnesses and experts were heard that all appeared to point unequivocally to Camp's being guilty. But the majority of the members of the jury didn't see it this way. Consequently Camps has been acquitted by the very people he appealed to and who re-elected him by an absolute majority in the midst of the corruption scandal. But because of the resignation he was forced to tender as well as his behaviour during the trial the former prime minister of Valencia can basically forget any ideas about continuing his career in politics."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 09/01/2008

Nicolas Sarkozy's risky strategy

"Sarkozy has obtained something unique in France: he alone is in power, nobody else is overshadowing him", writes José Antich, chief editor of the daily, who admires the energy deployed by the French head of state. "The challenge he has set himself may however become problematic. The French don't expect the Prime Minister to adopt concrete economic measures. They have all understood that change is entirely dependent on Sarkozy. His frank and direct language is not however providing a solution for the daily problems faced by the French and only the announcements of projects are being multiplied. Many of these are indeed ambitious, but they can only be achieved in the long-term. Sarkozy was elected president because he personified the notion of change better than Ségolène Royal. Time is against him now ... . "

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