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Maier, Anja

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 25/08/2015

German Chancellor must visit refugee homes

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday condemned the attacks on a refugee shelter in the town of Heidenau in Saxony. She had previously been criticised for not making a statement immediately after the riots. Merkel's statements were still inadequate in view of the situation, the left-wing daily taz complains: "They ignore the huge need for concrete aid. They say nothing about the suffering of the refugees. And they make no mention of all those who have worked in recent weeks to provide the help the German federal states and local authorities are no longer able to provide. … The fact that violent Nazis are turning public space into a violence zone only confirms that these people seem confident of widespread acceptance. The chancellor may take a different view when she says she is glad that the 'the vast majority' sees the situation the way she does. But what exactly does she see of the reality of the situation? She still hasn't visited the places where it's all going on, for example a refugee shelter or a reception centre."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 13/12/2012

German politicians' new ploy is being furious

The employee of an IT firm is said to have spied on the German Health Ministry for years and passed on secret documents to the pharmaceutical lobby, it was announced on Wednesday. If the the health minister is now voicing his displeasure over the matter it's above all to distract the public eye from his own failures, the left-leaning daily taz writes: "The German Minister of Health Daniel Bahr now says he's 'furious' and has called the spying operation against his authority 'a disgraceful business'. It's a new trend for politicians who don't have their team under control to be 'furious' or 'livid'. When the Social Democratic premier of the state of Brandenburg admitted in May that the opening date for the new Schönefeld Airport would have to be postponed he was 'furious'. German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (of the Christian Social Union) was 'livid' in October after a court stopped plans for deepening the River Elbe. ... This choice of words has a beguiling effect - it's supposed to send the message that even ministers are just human beings. But at the same time it serves to divert attention from the failings of the boss."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 15/09/2010

German society divided and devoid of utopias

The new Shell Youth Study reveals that most German youth are content and optimistic about the future, unless they come from a socially weak environment. Proof that the social divide is growing, writes the leftist daily die tageszeitung: "Good education and a secondary school diploma you can be proud of are the key to success. But in Germany getting that still depends to an embarrassing extent on one's social background. In no other country does an unjust education policy so manifestly keep disadvantaged youths from participating in society. ... Where is the common ground that is the foundation for peaceful social cohabitation? For the most part one looks in vain among today's pragmatic youth for social utopias or a common project. Instead we are seeing a retreat into private life. Three quarters of all respondents want to found a family, almost the same number hope to have children one day. The nuclear family as the last utopia? In a society that has little to offer precisely those from socially weak backgrounds, this seems to be the first refuge people turn to."

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