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Anglais, Johnny

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 02/09/2011

British need to talk about sex

After being suspended when he came under suspicion of working as a stripper and porn star in his free time, the British teacher Benedict Garrett has now been allowed to resume teaching. The British must finally overcome their prudish attitude, Garret writes in the left-liberal daily The Guardian under his pseudonym Johnny Anglais: "Sex and pornography are shrouded in a veil of mystery in Britain. If young people have access to the same levels of online pornography as our European counterparts (which they do), why do we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and the highest rates of STIs in Europe? My view is that it's not because of exposure to depictions of sex, but because we are not open enough. ... When we refuse to talk about something in public young people are more inclined to experiment in private, and to do so without the adequate tools to make informed choices. Telling young people that sex is always 'bad', 'wrong' and 'immoral' is simply not an adequate response."

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