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Angelov, Yuri

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 02/11/2013

Yuri Angelov admires young Bulgarians' courage

Bulgarian students have been occupying Sofia University for ten days. They are calling for the resignation of Plamen Oresharski's government and more ethical behaviour in politics. The prominent actor Yuri Angelov, born in 1949, calls on his generation to support the protests: "If we as parents do not stand firmly behind our children, it's a disgrace. We should be ashamed that so many of them have emigrated, because we're the ones who are to blame. We don't have the moral right to give them advice - they have the courage to bring to completion what we never dared to attempt. Our generation has failed! ... If our children fail in the same way it will be our fault. ... Those up there in power will never beg for forgiveness, because they're freaks. What do they think we expect of them? A good deed, a resignation? No! They are harmful, an ulcer that must be removed. ... If you want to save a healthy body, sometimes you have to amputate the legs. That's the way it has to be. Cold as ice."

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