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Angarev, Panayot

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Sega - Bulgaria | 17/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: Bulgarian police the best traffickers

According to the Bulgarian police roughly 27,000 refugees have been arrested for illegal entry into Bulgaria since the start of the year. But why are so few of them still in the country? the daily Sega asks: "You have to ask who has been making it so easy for the refugees to enter and exit Bulgaria, and why the intelligence services and border guards haven't arrested a single police officer who could have something to do with this. Clearly officers at the highest levels are involved in this huge business. Otherwise something would have come out long ago. The entire population in the Strandzha area [on the Bulgarian-Turkish border] as well as on the border to Serbia has become familiar with paths strewn with scraps of clothing left behind by the refugees to let those who follow know that the route is safe. Only the police seem to know nothing about it."

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