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Andrysiak, Andrzej

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 28/05/2014

EU not to blame for intolerance in Poland

The Poles have the impression that people have lost their sense of common courtesy and tolerance since Poland joined the EU, according to a current survey put out by the local opinion research institute CBOS. The conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna lays the blame elsewhere: "Have we forgotten that since 2005 our country has been ruled by two conservative parties that are engaged in a never-ending war? That being said, these parties must be judged by what they do and not on the basis of their programmes. Both have done much to spoil the EU for us, and have aroused our basest instincts. We joined the EU in 2004, after which we sunk into a moral quagmire. But we must know that this is our own problem. The EU has not had any negative influence here."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 02/04/2012

Poles should be happy about higher wages

The average wage in Poland has risen by a third since the country joined the EU seven years ago, according to the EU statistics agency Eurostat. However it is still just a third of the EU average. Many Poles will be disappointed by this gap between Poland and the West, but one can also take a positive view of the figures, the conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna points out: "Maybe it's true that in the end the perspective is decisive: we no longer compare ourselves with how we were 20 years ago but with our neighbours on the other side of the border. Certainly, here in Poland wages are lower than in Germany or the Netherlands. But it's also true that our average wages are rising. Perhaps not at the pace we would wish them to. But gradually we are catching up with the rich and satiated Union thanks to our industriousness and entrepreneurship. This is our triumph, and even the pessimistic majority can't deny it."

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