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Andreou, Alex

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 26/03/2014

Nothing wrong with the "Hotel Mama" trend

According to a study presented on Monday by the EU foundation Eurofound, almost half of all Europeans between the age of 18 and 29 still live at home with their parents, and these figures are particularly high in crisis states. But contrary to what many experts say, there's nothing really problematic about the trend, actor and blogger Alex Andreou writes in the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "During times of economic hardship the last thing we should be doing is superimposing guilt or a sense of failure on families unwilling or unable to fragment. It is simplistic and naive to suggest that all these young people are a burden to their parents. Contrary to the generalisations contained in the report, the extension of the family unit beyond the rather arbitrary age of majority may be beneficial to both parents and children, both financially and psychologically."

The Guardian - United Kingdom | 24/02/2014

IMF head vexes Greeks

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, said on Thursday on the Australian TV station ABC that Greece had recorded a primary surplus for the first time since 1943. The comparison with the time of the Nazi occupation is an affront to the people of Greece, actor and blogger Alex Andreou bristles in the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "Are such comments the result of gargantuan thoughtlessness - or do they hide a deeper, uglier message, that Greece does best under foreign rule? One thing is certain: that tragically they play directly into the hands of fascist organisations like Golden Dawn, with its not-really-a-swastika logo, not-really-nazi salute and not-really-criminal parliamentarians."

The Guardian - United Kingdom | 15/01/2014

Welfare state is EU's competitive edge

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne warned on Wednesday that the EU states urgently need to become more competitive and that above all social expenditure must be cut. But Osborne has things back to front, actor and blogger Alex Andreou writes in the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "The fact that as a continent we have embraced values of social security and solidarity, a high standard of education and health for all, and dignity in old age, should be celebrated. The weakening of those values will further increase the shift of power from the elected to the corporate. They are not the cause of our failure in competitiveness or innovation. They are, instead, the reason for our extraordinary and disproportionate success. They are not why we are losing the global race. They are why we have been winning it, against the odds, thus far."

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