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Andrei, Cristian

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Gândul - Romania | 29/06/2012

Romania discredits itself in Europe

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta will represent his country at the EU summit in Brussels, defying Wednesday's ruling by the Romanian Constitutional Court that President Traian Băsescu is the authorised representative. The daily Gândul writes that Romania's reputation in Europe has suffered greatly as a result of this dispute: "Europe doesn't really care much one way or the other whether it's Băsescu or Ponta who comes. What is important for the Union is how Romania positions itself. What we have really shown with this conflict is how weak we are as a country. ... No one stands to gain anything from the prime minister's trip to Brussels. On the contrary, we've suffered enormous losses. What we haven't done, primarily, is to show that we are a reliable partner for the future - one with whom communication channels are open and that isn't about to split up into adversarial camps. Such a mentality existed in the Middle Ages - and neither Traian Băsescu nor Victor Ponta have got over it. ... But that's just the start of our woes. ... Now the two are going to go on banging their heads together."

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