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Andreasson, Kennet

Redakteur bei Aftonbladet

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 14/07/2010

Ban curtails freedom

The French ban on the full-body veil is strangely similar to the requirement to wear it, writes the daily Aftonbladet: "The question is what use a ban has and whom it serves. Probably no use and no one. It will neither lessen the oppression of women nor weaken radical Islamism. To do that you need other means. Neither the values of the Enlightenment nor the Western style of living are menaced. With the ban on the burqa and niqab a Europe has emerged that is in part a mirror image of that form of society condemned by those who favour the ban, and of which they are so afraid. The pressure to wear a certain type of clothing and the pressure not to wear it are two forms of the same lack of freedom."

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