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Pimpisis, Andreas

Phileleftheros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 15/09/2014

Cyprus's politicians just too cowardly

Cyprus will not receive its next bailout installment of 456 million euros for the time being on the grounds that the Cypriots have failed to do enough to tackle the problem of non-performing loans in the real estate sector. This assessment was made last week by troika experts. The liberal daily Phileleftheros voices its disappointment with Cyprus's politicians: "Not a single step forward has been taken. Politicians of all stripes prefer to let the problems grow rather than taking hard and painful decisions. They don't think about the future. Because although these decisions would be painful for some, they would provide a vision of the future that would benefit everyone. The people have the right to make demands, but politicians have no right to mock them. They should show the people the right path, no matter how painful it is. Unfortunately we have no such politicians in Cyprus."

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