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Andrassew, Iván

ungarischer Journalist

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Népszava - Hungary | 03/08/2012

Far-right Jobbik utterly discredits itself

The extreme-right Jobbik party has been in the headlines for negative reasons several times in recent weeks. In the eyes of the left-leaning daily Népszava, with this coverage Hungary's third-strongest party has continued to discredit itself: "What sort of brazen effrontery does it take for Jobbik to press ahead with its demand to have criminals registered according to their ethnic origin on the international day of commemoration of the Roma Holocaust [on August 2] of all days? And that at a time when it has emerged that the party's pitiful vice-chief, Csanád Szegedi, has Jewish blood in his veins. After his attempt to bribe the person who uncovered his Jewish background he must now resign from the party. Szegedi was also the one who had said a few years ago that gypsies are a biological weapon of the Jews. That would have been the perfect time to ban Jobbik, but the cowardly Socialists and Liberals in power at the time didn't have the guts to do it. ... It's high time Orbán kept his promise and gave Jobbik those 'two slaps in the face' that he had wanted to give [Jobbik's now banned paramilitary arm] the Hungarian Guard."

Népszava - Hungary | 22/03/2012

Fight anti-Semitism in Hungary

The US Anti-Defamation League has studied the levels of anti-Semitism in ten European countries and concluded that anti-Semitism is most prevalent in Hungary. In the left-leaning daily Népszava the writer Iván Andrassew urges Hungarians not to infect youths with the virus of anti-Semitism: "In all seriousness I would like to encourage readers to reflect on whether it's okay for Hungary to basically be the most racist country in Europe. ... 55 percent of Hungarians agree with the idiotic idea that 'Hungarian Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their own country'. ... 63 percent out of every hundred Hungarians believe that 'the Jews still talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust'. ... The last point provides a good opportunity for self-examination. Think about the following sentence: 'The Hungarians still talk too much about the Treaty of Trianon'! I humbly beg for one thing: let us at least refrain from infecting our children!"

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