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Andor, László

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 02/05/2014

Hungary not taking advantage of EU membership

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the EU's eastern enlargement, the Hungarian EU Commissioner for Social Affairs, László Andor, writes in the daily Népszabadság that his homeland could have got more out of its first ten years in the Union: "There is no other country in the EU where investments in the infrastructure were as dependent on EU funding as they were here. Nevertheless hardly anyone today is willing to say that Hungary has made the most of the resources at its disposal. People in the new member countries expected above all stable, sustainable economic growth when they joined the EU. And here Hungary could have made more progress in its first decade in the EU. In 2000 Hungary's per capita GDP was higher than that of Poland, Slovakia, Estonia and Lithuania. In 2012 we were lagging behind all these states."

Népszava - Hungary | 30/04/2010

Lászlá Andor on Europe's fight against poverty

Around 80 million people in Europe are affected by poverty. The EU must take action, writes EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor in the leftist daily Népszava: "Europe has no choice, it must act now against poverty and unemployment. ... Poverty means worse prospects, limited possibilities, broken dreams and potential tossed to the wind. With the growth of child poverty we are putting the future of our entire society at risk. Overcoming social exclusion and unemployment is the biggest challenge for Europe today. Unfortunately our situation is exacerbated by the changing face of poverty: families are more fragmented and the imbalances of the ever-changing global economy have become more pronounced than ever. ... The causes for social exclusion must be fought on all fronts. We must help people develop their capabilities to find better jobs, and the job market must be adjusted to meet society's changing needs. ... This requires appropriate regional and national strategies coordinated by the EU."

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