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Andersson, Lena

Writer, columnist "Dagens Nyheter"

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 27/08/2011

Monarchs protect their power with babies

When it became known that Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria was pregnant many opponents of the monarchy hurried to say they were nevertheless happy for the couple. The daily Dagens Nyheter argues that all the focus on babies hides the undemocratic nature of the monarchy: "Many democrats start having pangs of conscience about their scepticism regarding the monarchy whenever a royal wedding takes place or innocent royal babies are born. This emotional blackmail is the monarchy's triumph and their most important tool for consolidating their power, a sort of perpetual motion. The impossibility of deposing the royal family results from the fact it that democratically-minded people have to choose: between heartlessness in the face of touching family matters and taking part in all the chatter about babies, which ultimately perpetuates the monarchy. It doesn't help in the least to remind people that all kings and tyrants were once babies, and that the miracle so to speak fades with increasing age."

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