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Ancupovs, Sergejs

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Delfi - Latvia | 12/07/2011

Latvians should protest against privatization

Latvia is plagued by structural problems similar to those in Greece and its budget deficit is dangerously high. The news portal Delfi criticises the fact that no-one is protesting against the threat of public assets being sold off: "We have received money, but this is flowing back into the states from which we import goods. The more advanced this process is, the more difficult it gets. Eventually we are given the gentle but insistent hint that we should privatise our state enterprises please, before we are given any more loans. That is precisely why the Greeks are taking to the streets, because they have understood that their state is being taken away from them. Here everyone keeps silent while a working group of the government carves up [the state energy concern] Latvenergo without society so much as batting an eyelid. Our state forest company, which manages a strategic reserve of European importance, is to get a new management. Our telecommunications and Internet infrastructure is to be sold off dirt cheap to Sweden and its pension fund, but no-one is raising their voice against this."

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