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Anastasakos, Giannis

AGB Media Research, Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 03/01/2010

Private television changes our perceptions

Private television in Greece is celebrating its 20th birthday. Giannis Anastasakos, chairman of the Greek media research institute AGB, does not mince his words in the Sunday edition of To Vima: "Television - together with mobile telephones and more recently the Internet - has had an enormous influence on our perception of space and time. It does away with age-old certainties, such as the one that tells us that to experience an event ... you have to be there in person at the right place and time. After 20 years of private television the global village now presents a common experience to all viewers. The here and now is conditioned by the subject's perception, rather than the true spatial and temporal circumstances. That is particularly true of Greece, where television dramatises information to such a strong extent."

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