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Anastasiadis, Themos

Proto Thema, Greece

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Proto Thema - Greece | 16/09/2013

Themos Anastasiadis on Merkel's role as Miss Violence

The Greek director Alexandros Avranas has won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival for his entry Miss Violence - a film about domestic violence. In the weekly Proto Thema publisher Themos Anastasiadis draws a parallel with the effects of the austerity policy imposed by the creditors and describes Angela Merkel as Miss Violence: "What the Germans have done to us goes beyond all the sick scenarios in the film. ... In the TV debate between Merkel and Steinbrück the chancellor's obsession was obvious: ECONOMISE, ECONOMISE, ECONOMISE. It's a hysterical conviction that salary cuts and the confiscation of private property can contribute to recovery and development. I don't know where Merkel gets the idea that this strategy can work. In Greece it certainly won't. The German Miss Violence's strategy is leading to the same result with which the film begins: the one who is least to blame commits suicide - in other words, the Greeks."

Proto Thema - Greece | 07/10/2012

Merkel's guinea pig going mad

For the first time since the euro crisis began three years ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel is travelling to Greece. Athens is preparing for her visit on Tuesday with massive security operations. Merkel must finally recognise the terrible consequences of her austerity dictates, the conservative weekly Proto Thema demands: "Before Merkel comes to Athens someone should show her a video of all that has happened to her guinea pig in recent days. Then she will see that her experiment has failed. And she will see that her test subjects have been driven so mad by the measures of the EU's and IMF's mad scientists that they are about to start eating each other and will end the experiment immediately. So what about Spain and Portugal? This is a good opportunity, Frau Merkel, to review the results of your experiment so far. ... With the troika, the technocrats, the austerity measures and the years of attacks on Greece you have driven everyone crazy. ... We hope that you take a look at this monster you have created in Greece, which will drag down with it into the abyss all Southern Europe and the rest of the EU."

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