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Amiotte, Sylvain

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 18/02/2015

Hollande isolated by Macron law

France's Socialist government pushed through the reform bill known as the Macron law by decree on Tuesday, avoiding a vote in the National Assembly. President François Hollande has above all harmed his own interests with the move, the left-liberal daily Le Quotidien complains: "Was this Macron law - a very technical mishmash of measures that is supposed to boost growth - really worth the trouble? Conservatives see it as too lukewarm or even useless, while the rebellious left accuses it of destroying collective agreements, notably with the extension of work on Sundays. If the 'spirit of January 11' ever existed, it didn't last for long. For lack of a majority, the government is admitting its powerlessness with an excess of authority. It wants to show that it's progressing. But in a democracy you never get very far on your own."

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