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Ambrosoli, Umberto

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 15/12/2009

Attack was not an act of terrorism

Writing in the liberal conservative daily Corriere della Sera Umberto Ambrosoli, the son of lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli who was shot down by the mafia in 1979, contradicts the thesis that the attack on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stems from a climate of fear comparable with that of the 1970s: "Back then Italy (and not just Italy) was saturated by a deep sense of social injustice which has always triggered acts of violence. ... Today the background of political and social imbalance that caused the violence of the 1970s is lacking - despite the difficult economic situation, which threatens many rights. ... And yet the seed of violence is growing … once again. But it's clear that it has other and far less deep-rooted causes than the violence of the 1970s. … Today's violence is serious, yet in its origins it is a banal brand of violence, the solution of which lies directly with all of us, if we accept the responsibility for it."

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