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Alviani, Alessandro

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La Stampa - Italy | 03/07/2008


The daily La Stampa discusses an article in the German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten on the announcement by the German soft toy producer Steiff that it would repatriate its Chinese production facilities: "Producing goods in low-cost countries does not always pay. On the contrary, it can damage a company. This is what many German firms that made a pell-mell dash for Eastern Europe and China in search of lower production costs are now recognising. And they are coming back. Steiff is the latest company to fall victim to the illusion of the same quality for half the price. ... The reason: mistakes in planning premium products, insufficient quality and excessive transportation and storage costs. 'Germany, world champion at exporting jobs' was the title of Der Spiegel news magazine in 2004. Now the backlash has begun: the advantages offered by local production in terms of labour productivity and technological innovation compensate for the higher wages."

La Stampa - Italy | 01/07/2008

The exodus of Germany's elite

The daily La Stampa reports on the increasing number of well-educated Germans who are leaving their home country to seek jobs abroad: "While everyone marvels at the old Continent's engine of change and its economic miracle, more and more Germans are quietly packing their bags and heading abroad. ... The crème de la crème are taking their degrees and their know-how to search elsewhere for new career opportunities, for instance in Switzerland, England or the US. ... In 2007 around 161,000 emigrated, an exodus the likes of which Germany has not witnessed since the 1950s. The country has lost its appeal for its elite. High taxes, low salaries and little chance of promotion are to blame. ... Ludwig Erhard's slogan 'prosperity for all' is losing substance. ... In a country that invests 700 billion annually in its social system, the rift between poor and rich has grown ever wider. ... Trade union guarantees are virtually non-existent nowadays. Insecurity is growing."

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