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Altun, Fahrettin

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Sabah - Turkey | 07/01/2016

Turkish Kurds really do want their own state

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on the weekend for the lifting of the immunity of the co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish HDP party, Selahattin Demirtaş. Demirtaş has been under criminal investigation after stating several weeks ago that he believes a Kurdish state could see the light in the next century. The Kurds' true goals are now becoming clear, the pro-government daily Sabah warns: "The HDP members of parliament never tire of announcing to the press that self-government is very democratic and should be implemented. ... With this self-government discourse the PKK is continuing its separatist agenda and using the HDP as its tool to that end. The PKK and HDP are behaving as if separation were a possibility. ... They are once again trying to advance hand in hand. With their pretty self-government fairy tales they are trying to shore up their ideology of division. Utmost caution is called for!"

Sabah - Turkey | 27/07/2015

PKK exploiting power vacuum after election

The PKK announced on Saturday that the ceasefire that has been broadly observed since 2013 has lost its relevance in the wake of the Turkish military's attacks on PKK targets in northern Iraq. In recent days the southeast of Turkey has seen repeated attacks, for which the PKK has partly claimed responsibility. It's no coincidence that the PKK has ended the peace process while the coalition talks are underway, the pro-government daily Sabah comments: "The PKK has declared war on the state at a time when it believes there is a power vacuum in the country. This was its greatest mistake. A president elected with 52 percent of the vote is in office and dominating the process. The government that has ruled the country for years and has worked together successfully with all state players and in particular with the president is still in office, even if only temporarily. … We should not forget that we can only talk of true peace, of a real solution, in an environment free of terror and not threatened by violence."

Sabah - Turkey | 12/02/2015

Turkey not a republic of hatred

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç's remarks that the ruling AKP party risks dividing Turkish society continue to be the subject of heated debate in the country. The pro-government daily Sabah sees the accusation as nonsense: "To claim that Turkish society is split in two is a demonstration of total ignorance. These cheap slogans are the currency of cheap politics. ... The feature that most distinguishes the AKP from the other parties is that despite the people's different attitudes and the contradictions within society it does its best to represent it. ... Stop the pessimistic talk about 'Turkey has turned into a republic of hatred' and start thinking instead about how to open up channels of political representation for the social classes that are experiencing difficulties."

Sabah - Turkey | 12/01/2015

Crossroads between Islamophobia and openness

European politicians must be careful not to fuel the widespread Islamophobia after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the pro-government daily Sabah warns: "For several days now we've been reading about anti-Islamic, racist comments and attacks on Muslims. In this regard Europe's political elites are faced with a difficult challenge. In fact they've always faced this challenge, only now the stakes are higher. That's why for the first time they are being so careful not to make any connections between terrorism and Islam. ... Either they give in to right-wing extremism and fanaticism, paving the way for an Islamophobic European culture, or they take steps to normalise life in Europe with the establishment of a new philosophy of social unity."

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