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Altınok, Melih

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Sabah - Turkey | 21/10/2015

Arrests only encourage PKK terror

The Turkish human rights lawyer and president of the bar association in the south-eastern province of Diyarbakır, Tahir Elçi, was detained on a charge of 'promoting terrorism' on Monday night. He will stand trial for having said on television that the PKK was not a terrorist organisation but an armed political movement. His statement was wrong, but so is his arrest, the pro-government daily Sabah comments: "What happens if Elçi or someone else is sentenced for expressing his views, put behind bars and deprived of his rights? Will he give up his ideas? Will those who support those views be more reserved then? Definitely not! Haven't our experiences in the 1990s and the examples from all over the world taught us that the opposite happens? Legal proceedings can radicalise ideas and their supporters and manipulate the perceptions of the masses."

Sabah - Turkey | 08/06/2015

AKP must once again embrace reform

Turkey's governing AKP lost many votes in Sunday's elections, particularly in the cities and among the Kurdish population in the east of the country. After thirteen years in power it must rediscover its enthusiasm for reform, the pro-government daily Sabah urges: "The AKP's paradigm of the 'new Turkey' must be given a more reform-oriented perspective. Despite the [banned Kurdish Workers' Party] PKK and the HDP, it should resolutely welcome the peace process as a civil project. ... The reasons for the loss of votes in the region must be examined. ... To appease its reform-minded grass roots, it must concentrate on the new constitution and question the presidential system, whose objectives have been sketched out only superficially. The AKP should ask why it hasn't been able to appeal to the young, and it must adopt a modern rhetoric between tradition and the future."

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