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Altan, Kerem

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T24 - Turkey | 10/06/2014

Gezi protesters don't care about dead Kurds

Two Kurds died as a result of injuries sustained during violent clashes between Kurdish demonstrators and Turkish soldiers in Southeast Anatolia on Saturday. The liberal online news outlet T24 bemoans the ignorance of the Gezi Park demonstrators in Istanbul regarding these two deaths: "The values they defended with Gezi are suddenly forgotten when it comes to the Kurds. ... Democracy? Only for me. Human rights? Of course, all of them - but for me alone. Administration of justice? I need it most. Government brutality? A snake that doesn't attack me can go on living for a thousand years for all I care. Those who have been presenting themselves as models of democracy, justice and honesty ever since Gezi Park have not passed the test. By not siding with the Kurds they reveal that all they care about is their own freedoms. So they remain quiet and do Erdoğan's hated rule a good turn. What difference is there between this selfishness and that of the ruling AKP party?"

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