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Altan, Ertan

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Taraf - Turkey | 11/04/2014

Turkey's misguided approach to its history

After ten months of constant renovation, the entrance gate to the University of Istanbul has been reopened. The original symbol - a Sultan's signature which was replaced by a sign with the words "Turkish Republic" in 1933 - has been remounted at the centre of the arch. The liberal daily Taraf criticises the way Turkey deals with its history: "Only last week, the 800-year-old priests' room in the church that was converted into the Vefa Kilise Mosque was redesigned as a toilet. This is the clearest sign of the Islamic-conservative mentality in Turkey and its view of history. ... It is really very difficult to live with the 'Turkish Republic' signs that brutally blot out a centuries-old history. But it is just as difficult to live with the Sultans' signatures that are reappearing in the context of a 'New Ottomanism'."

Taraf - Turkey | 05/08/2013

Lift ban on Taksim Square demonstrations

The Turkish police once again used water cannons and tear gas against protesters demonstrating near Taksim Square in Istanbul on Saturday. The police deployment was based on a decree passed after the first wave of protests, which forbids all manner of demonstration or political event. This decree must be rescinded, the liberal daily Taraf demands: "As long as the police restricts the right to demonstrate around Taksim Square activists of all colours will defend their living space. This is how it works the world over. The right to demonstrate is a fundamental right that can't be denied. The residents of Istanbul will defend this right. Taksim Square can only return to normality once the decree forbidding any kind of event on the square and on the [central shopping steet] Istiklal is revoked."

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