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Alpuente, Moncho

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Público - Spain | 03/02/2014

For Moncho Alpuente, Europe has gone from being Spain's friend to its foe

The Spanish felt significantly closer to Europe under the Franco dictatorship than they do today, the author Mocho Alpuente writes in the left-leaning online daily Público: "The cultural values that we supposedly share, the common traditions, the religion and the philosophy: all nothing but lies, deception and diversion. The only freedom is the freedom of the market, the free circulation of goods and traders, not of people. ... The pro-European Spain of the 1960s and 70s - outside the EC and still deep in the fug of the Franco era - felt more connected to Europe than it does today. Even if back then all that really bound the two was the Eurovision Song Contest. Many French, British and Italian films were screened in the cinemas. Even some Russian ones, although with certain reservation. ... Back then Europe was still a dream, one that has now become a nightmare. Germany will win the Third World War without having shot a single bullet. The European flag is the euro, the single currency is the only thing that binds us."

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