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Alpay, Şahin

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Zaman - Turkey | 26/11/2015

Turkey's isolation on foreign policy

The current tensions with Russia highlight Turkey's isolated position on the international stage, writes the Islamic-conservative daily Zaman: "In its first two terms of office the Erdoğan government pursued a 'no problems with the neighbours' policy based on resolving problems with other states using the logic of peace, diplomacy and dialogue. … It is indisputable that Turkey's renunciation of this policy has left it not in a worthy but in a dangerous state of isolation. The neighbours with whom Ankara has no problems can be counted on one hand today. And although the Western allies are saying Turkey has the right to defend itself, it's clear that Ankara's Syria policy is not in synch with that of the Western allies, who see the IS and radical Islamists as the main opponent. In this way Turkey is becoming increasingly unreliable as an ally in the eyes of the West."

Zaman - Turkey | 27/10/2015

Pro-Kurdish HDP weakens PKK

According to the latest polls the pro-Kurdish left-wing HDP will once again win seats in the Turkish parliament. In view of the PKK's recent acts of terror it deserves more support than ever, the Islamic conservative daily Zaman comments: "Just as the PKK was necessary [in the 1990s] as an excuse to justify the military regime's constant control of the country, we see that at least since the election on June 7 it is being used as an instrument in the attempt to condemn Turkey to a despotic, authoritarian and degenerate 'one-man-one-party' rule. The HDP may have been born from the PKK-led Kurdish movement, but over time it has turned into its opposite. The HDP, which defends Turkish unity and democracy and protests under all circumstances against violence, is not, as the AKP government claims, the extended arm of the terrorist PKK organisation but quite the contrary, it is its negation. The strengthening of the HDP means the weakening of the PKK."

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