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Alonso, Rogelio

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ABC - Spain | 07/09/2010

Rogelio Alonso criticises BBC's Eta coverage

Commenting on Basque underground organisation Eta's announcement of a ceasefire, political scientist Rogelio Alonso takes issue with the BBC's coverage of the affair: "Those responsible at the public institution may find the opinion of Hannah Arendt instructive, who said that 'to describe the concentration camps without anger was not to be objective, but to condone them'. To treat Eta like anything but a terrorist organisation, interpreting its messages without subjecting them to rigorous analysis and without explaining their context and their strategy is not objective or correct coverage of a phenomenon of political violence that is taking place in a democratic European society. For this reason probably the only Eta message that would deserve the kind of coverage this has received in recent days would be its unequivocal announcement that the terrorist organisation will disappear for good."

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