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Almkvist, Gustaf

Columnist, Svenska Dagbladet

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 05/07/2011

Danish border controls are a sham

Despite fierce international criticism Denmark is resuming strict controls on its borders with Sweden and Germany today. The conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet points out that the new controls were introduced under pressure from the right-wing populist Danish People's Party: "The fundamental problem is not the measures themselves but the rhetoric with which they are being justified. The tone follows the instinct to turn inwards that has always been present in EU member states, but has been reinforced by the alleged threat of an influx of refugees as a result of the Arab Spring. By extension this instinct threatens the free circulation which is among the best principles of the EU. Moreover, in Denmark it is aimed in the wrong direction. If the Danes really wanted to protect themselves against organised crime they could have invested the money in pan-European police cooperation. Borders are hardly the best place to combat international crime."

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