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Almási, Miklós

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Vasárnapi Hírek - Hungary | 06/02/2011

Professional world discriminates against women

Women are being discriminated against because of the work they do as mothers, philosopher Miklós Almási complains in the Sunday newspaper Vasárnapi Hírek: "Women are paid around 20 to 30 percent less than their male counterparts with the same qualifications who do the same work. This is happening not just here but also in the US. The line of argumentation is the same everywhere: women drop out when they have children, they miss work when their children are sick and they leave earlier when there's a parents' meeting at school. You can't count on them, they say. … The situation is absurd: with this discrimination in terms of salary, women are being made to pay for the fact that society reproduces itself. That the nation doesn't shrink. That in 30 years' time there will be someone to support the grandfathers. ... I believe that childbearing and rearing children is just as economically (and socially) productive as (and perhaps more difficult than) building airplanes or working at a bank, which means it must be paid for, not penalised."

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