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Alloni, Marco

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Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 03/02/2012

Egypt's military aims to hinder democracy

Protesting continued in Egypt on Thursday after 74 people died in rioting that broke out during a football match in Port Said. Police shot at demonstrators in Suez, leaving two dead. The angry protesters are calling for the resignation of the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Hussein Tantawi. The liberal daily Corriere del Ticino backs their demands: "Behind the unrest is the long hand of the old regime, whose main aim is to plunge Egypt into chaos. There can be no doubt, the riots in Port Said were planned and had nothing to do with football. In this way the military council seeks to justify its harsh rule and the need to stay in power until a civil government takes over. That is planned for June 2012, while the demonstrators are calling for an immediate handover of power. In addition the military council wants to prevent the state of emergency from being lifted at all costs. The riots are a further attempt to prevent the democratisation of Egypt."

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