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Alliès, Paul

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Mediapart - France | 18/11/2014

Paul Alliès demands less power for French president

In view of French President François Hollande's disastrous mid-term performance, law professor Paul Alliès calls for the powers of the president to be curtailed in his blog for the webmag Mediapart: "France's semi-presidential system is exceptional in Europe, where all the other member states have variations on the parliamentary regime in which the head of government is chosen by a majority of members of parliament, relegating the head of state to essentially representative tasks. The French directly elect their president, who exercises considerable political power. The straight jacket of the presidency prevents France from setting up a large, stable coalition of the kind now in power in most European countries. Today's challenges demand an end to the era where a new king is elected - and changed - on a regular basis."

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