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Alimi, Arié

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MediaPart - France | 17/10/2015

France must not kill its own citizens

The French air force bombed an IS training camp on October 8 with the aim of eliminating Salim Benghalem, a French citizen who is said to be responsible for summary executions and other crimes. Such attacks on French citizens run counter to the rule of law, lawyer Arié Alimi writes in the centre-left online paper Mediapart: "In deciding to kill [French citizens] without a court decision or forewarning, the government has excluded itself from the group of nations that can be called constitutional states. The families of each of these men killed or targeted can file charges of murder or attempted murder with a French examining magistrate. Just like any other dictator or perpetrator of genocide, each decision maker can be prosecuted in a French court of law or before the International Criminal Court. It is time to stop killing our fellow citizens under the veil of pragmatism."

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