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Aligica, Dragos Paul

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Contributors - Romania | 20/08/2012

Authorities must be allowed to fight corruption

The Romanian prosecution is investigating whether the referendum on the impeachment of President Traian Băsescu was subject to fraud when the electoral lists were updated. The intercepted telephone calls of high-ranking officials of the Interior Ministry sparked the investigation, which is being strongly criticised by the governing alliance USL.  Journalist Dragos Aligica calls such criticism into question on the blog portal contributors: "A throng of politicians, journalists and intellectuals are hysterically berating the prosecution and [anti-corruption authority] DNA - both institutions that are simply doing their job. If we want to be democrats and achieve a believable result that can stand up to scrutiny, we must punish without hesitation those who make it their business to falsify and steal ballots. ... But if we cheat on our secondary school exams, there's no reason for us to tear out our hair and wonder why we don't have an educated society or a democratically functioning political system. ... Whatever people try to say, the government's attacks on the prosecution and the DNA show that for all its declarations to the contrary it hasn't got a clue about democracy or the rule of law."

Contributors - Romania | 29/03/2011

Romania a pawn between East and West

The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism has received more than 1,000 US embassy cables from Wikileaks dealing with Romanian politics. According to the documents Romania lies on the disputed divide between the Russian and US spheres of influence, the blog portal points out: "The official material confirms that since the mid-1990s the great political disputes within Romania have for the most part not been of an economic, social or ideological nature but geopolitical. However you read the US cables it can't be ignored that Romania is increasingly dominated by tensions arising from Russian and US influence, or to be more precise from Nato. ... Whether we like it or not, as long as Russia is strong Romania must defend itself against its pressure and lean towards Central Europe. But this doesn't mean that Romania won't also remain a fertile terrain for a pro-Russian party."

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