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Alexe, Dan

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România Liberâ - Romania | 01/04/2010

Why Romanians don't read

The Brussels correspondent for the daily România Liberă tells of the visit of a Croatian journalist in Bucharest who wondered why so few Romanians read in public: "I tried to justify the behaviour of my countrymen with the preposterous book prices. A book costs as much in Romania as in France, but  salaries are five times lower here so that buying a book represents a major investment. In Romania books are either something for the beach or they have the status of a Bible. ... When my friend asked about newspaper circulations and I gave him some figures he thought I was making them up. He couldn't believe that in a country with 22 million inhabitants the serious newspapers rarely sell more than 50,000 copies, while his newspaper in Croatia, with a population of four million, has a circulation of more than 100,000. And they certainly sell even more than that, because the cafés buy the papers too, and display them at the entrance so that customers can come in and read in peace."

România Liberâ - Romania | 14/01/2010

Fat tax hard for Romanians to swallow

In recent days Romania has received much positive feedback from the West for its planned fast food tax. Nevertheless the measure jeopardises the country's traditional eating habits, writes the daily România Liberă: "For Romanians meat is inseparable from eating. We simply can't imagine a meal without it unless it's Lent or there's some sickness or other going around. ... Sanda Marin's famous cookbook which was required reading for generations of housewives is full of fatty horrors, some of them bordering on the obscene, like 'Goose stuffed with cabbage rolls'. And of course it's all got to be very well salted, otherwise 'it has no taste at all'. And any vegetables must be deep fried, pan fried or cooked to an unrecognisable pulp and drowned in sauce and more salt. ... Easter's coming soon [when the tax will go into effect] and then we'll rise up against this duplicitous government that wants nothing more than to stuff this tax down our throats."

România Liberâ - Romania | 03/12/2009

I honk, therefore I am

When Romanian friends of his visited him in Belgium, the Brussels correspondent for the paper România Liberă Dan Alexe once more appreciated how much more important the car is in Eastern Europe than in the West: "At home you have to bring your kids to school in a Jeep. And then once you're there you either have to park half on the pavement or with one wheel on the tram line until the kids have finally got out, regardless of how many cars or trams you block. ... Why ride a bike through the city like some poor clod - like a 'loser' - when it's so enjoyable to honk your way through the strees with the music blasting as if you were in a James Bond film, or as if the street was no more than the backdrop to a video game. In our world you've got to have a car ... and you've got to honk while you're driving it. I honk, therefore I am."

România Liberâ - Romania | 12/02/2009

Euthanasia in Europe

The daily Romania Libera comments on euthanasia in Europe following the death of Eluana Englaro: "Countries like Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg have already introduced the right to a dignified death. In these countries those who are terminally ill and who in medical opinion are experiencing unbearable suffering with no hope of improvement can ask for euthanasia. … This legislation is criticised in other parts of Europe, particularly in the ultra-Catholic South. In Italy the case of Eluana Englaro precipitated a constitutional crisis … . Both the parents and the doctors had proved that the damage to Eluana's brain was irreversible and that she should be allowed to die. The parents had probably forgotten that they live in Berlusconi's Italy. … In Italy the attitude is completely the opposite to that in Belgium, where the renowned author Hugo Claus who suffered from Alzheimer's last year requested euthanasia. Europe appears to be divided even to the point of death and over the matter of death."

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