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Alexandrov, Petar

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Sega - Bulgaria | 12/05/2011

Bulgaria plays down drug trade

A special report by Europol lists the Bulgarian port of Varna as one of the largest transfer sites for the international drug trade. But instead of tackling the problem the Bulgarian government is just playing down the report, the daily Sega complains: "The government imagines that with aggressive advertisement for its fight against organised crime and corruption it can mislead Europe about the situation in the country. ... However diplomats and Western secret services will soon realise that all this so-called epoch-making fight against crime is throwing sand in their eyes. Because there is a second, far more insidious plan afoot: The police raids some criminals but leaves others in peace - and even clears the ground for them. ... Sooner or later this will come out, however, no matter how much [Prime Minister] Boyko Borisov and [Interior Minister] Zvetanov believe they can get away with it."

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