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Alexakis, Manolis, Greece

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Tvxs - Greece | 16/12/2013

Tsipras' Europe candidacy a strong symbol

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the left-wing Syriza coalition in Greece, is the European Left Party's nomination for the post of European Commission president, the party alliance announced on Sunday in Madrid. The web portal TVXS believes the decision has symbolic dimensions: "It proves that our country is not yet politically dead. Clearly it is capable of producing people who are in a position to fix a political agenda that is different to those that predominate in Greece and Europe today. This candidacy has a symbolic character in that it testifies to the solidarity of our fellow European citizens with the Greek people. ... For the left in Europe it's important to present a united front against the policies dictated by the Brussels-Frankfurt axis. Because regardless of your political orientation, the fact is that Europe only stands to benefit from the resurrection of the left."

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