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Alemagna, Lilian

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Libération - France | 16/12/2015

France should imitate German election system

After the French regional elections some observers are calling for the formation of a grand coalition between conservatives and Socialists that could finally push through necessary reforms. The centre-left daily Libération thinks the idea through to its logical conclusion: "It sounds as if France is being called upon to copy yet another aspect of the 'German model': first it was the economy, now it's the political system. Except that political leaders and editorialists haven't followed their ideas through to their logical conclusion: a coalition presupposes that the 5th republic, in which the president is becoming increasingly powerful, will be transformed into a parliamentary system. … If we want to establish a coalition culture in France, let's refrain from saying that when different political parties agree on a joint programme - be it before, during or after an election - it's nothing but drivel, and instead call it a compromise. Consequently the path to a coalition must encompass the introduction of at least a dose of proportional representation in the next parliamentary elections."

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