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Aleksandrova, Dimitrana

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Trud - Bulgaria | 17/08/2011

Macedonians not large minority in Bulgaria

The Foreign Ministry of Macedonia has published figures according to which 750,000 Macedonians currently live in Bulgaria. This is so absurd that one shouldn't even deign to react, writes the daily Trud: "We should regard Skopje's extravagances with a healthy dose of humour. Although we're still completely in the dark about how the Macedonian Foreign Ministry came up with the figure of 750,000 Macedonians living in Bulgaria, it would be wrong for our politicians to react angrily and write letters of protest. This would only lend the whole drama an air of seriousness it doesn't deserve. It's just as ridiculous as the latest discovery [by a Macedonian historian] that Michael Jackson came from Macedonia. In the absence of an up-to-date census we don't actually know right now how many Macedonians live in their own country. According to the Bulgarian census [from the beginning of the year], only 1,654 citizens described themselves as Macedonians - one third as many as ten years ago. But in Skopje they are not so keen on having their theories disproved by facts."

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