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Aleknonis, Gintaras

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Delfi - Lithuania | 14/08/2009

Is Lithuania facing a new trade war with Russia?

For days now Lithuanian lorries have been subjected to stringent controls on the Russian border. The Delfi news portal fears a new trade war which Lithuania could end up losing: "In the end wars, whether of a military or economic nature, seldom benefit either of the two sides. The best example is the war in Georgia a year ago in which there were only losers. In these times of crisis and in a globalised world there is no point thinking in the same categories as in the 1920s. … If it does really come to a trade war with Russia it will be a risky business. Our countries are of very different sizes and their starting positions are equally dissimilar because Lithuanian meat and milk are only weak weapons compared to oil and gas. However we have a … dangerous trump card in our hands: transit to [the Russian enclave of] Kaliningrad."

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