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Alduy, Cécile

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Le Monde - France | 07/12/2015

Céline Alduy mourns France's critical spirit

The election victory of the Front National is conveying a new image of France, literary scholar Cécile Alduy writes in the centre-left daily Le Monde: "This is not the tolerant France - the fatherland of the ideal of 'liberty, equality, fraternity' celebrated by Barack Obama - but a France that uses its fears to close itself off and justify xenophobia and authoritarianism. And so we are doubly in mourning, for our dead and for our values. ... The Front National makes a point of being against intellectuals and for 'common sense'. Feeding on prejudice, it is the party that puts the most thought into the power of words. In celebrating the most inflexible prefabricated ideas, it is the party that puts the least stock in thinking as a critical activity. ... Its discourse is a brutal negation of those things for which France is rightly admired throughout the world: its critical spirit, its rational thinking and its historical research."

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