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Albrecht, Harro

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Die Zeit - Germany | 16/10/2014

German authorities play down Ebola threat

The EU health ministers will convene today to discuss how to prevent the spread of the life-threatening Ebola virus. But the German authorities are trivialising the problem by pointing to the efficiency of their health system, the liberal weekly Die Zeit criticises: "What we're seeing in Britain, where potential weaknesses are being publicly identified and [the current emergency] exercises carried out, cannot be called panic-mongering. On the contrary, they sharpen the senses. ... Experience shows that doctors, nurses and attendants sometimes forget the appropriate procedures. People who work in normal hospitals now need refresher courses on how to deal with infectious patients. ... Because time and again things that shouldn't happen do happen. In any event, there's no cause for health chauvinism. What is needed in dealing with the Ebola virus is a little less pride and a little more humility."

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